another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

got the front forks stripped down, they are not exactly high-tech, the springs are very wimpy and i ordered a set of racing springs from burwins, the damper rod has a 6mm hole in it and i think i will weld it up and re-drill it 2mm and try some medium weight fork oil to improve the damping, the mz tuning site recommends ep30 gear oil but i'm not sure, i would rather use proper fork oil for it's anti-foaming capabilities, the bottom of the fork stanchion where the valve sits is as rough as a badgers arse, i'm sure the washer must pick up on it and prevent the valve working correctly, i've ordered a new set of stanchions as a precaution, they don't cost a lot and the one's that came on the bike were shagged anyway.

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