another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

yeah, the label is racing but the photo is a gratuitous tattoo shot, what's the relevance?, well, it's ok drilling, milling and lightening components on the bike to get an increase in performance but what about the weight of the rider?, how many times have you heard some bloke giving it the big one about their light weight exhaust, wheels, fasteners ,pazzo levers, heel plates etc and then looked at them in their leathers that they had to kill a whole herd of cattle to make? get some weight off fatty, your bike will be faster and you will be fitter which means you can ride faster, i've been on the scales today, i'm weighing in at 79.1 kilo's [or 12 stone and 6 pounds in old money], my bmi or body mass index is 21.4 %, when i was training for karate competitions i was 12 stone with a bmi of 17% which means i have to get my finger out and get some serious training done after the holidays to get about 6 pounds off, i know i have to keep some stored fat for physiological function but i've got to knock the alcohol and pringles on the head.

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