another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 12 December 2009

beautiful harley davidson/aeromacchi 250cc racer from 1964, why don't harley dip into their rich racing heritage more often rather than following the tired old, [delete as necessary], 1- bald eagle flying over a desert, 2-easy rider, 3-bad-ass biker, 4- bro!, 5 etc,etc, etc, bore -off, i've got one and there not as good as you want to think they are, imagine saying to a r1 or fireblade owner, 'right mate, you've bought the bike , now you need to spend lot's of money to make it run properly and even more to make it stop properly and even more to look like a complete knob-head in your factory approved made in taiwan genuine harley clothing range, they do a complete package at your local dealer, black t-shirt, [with dealer logo on back], black jeans, [pressed in creases included], snakeskin boots, a fucking stupid helmet that looks like a pimple on a pig's arse, h.o.g patch with top and bottom rockers that you can sew on your cut-off so 'normal' people will think that you are an outlaw club member, [even though you are actually a commodities broker in real life], the sneer comes as standard as soon as you ride off on your new bike, [mate, only pensioners and little kid's are impressed] and the cherry on the top, a stick-on goatee beard.

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  1. Totally agree...that's why i wanted a rising sun on my sporty chop...fist time out all the H.O.G guys insult me my calling it a bobber then they go...nice bike mate..but why the jap's american...!!! Good grief...They have no clue..i luv my sporty...but i luv all my bikes..These guys just don't get it.!!