another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 12 December 2009

been xmas shopping today, me and dangerous started the day at maccee-dee's for a coffee, then down to see rob at racing lines, aprilia 125 mudguard for a tenner, cagiva mito rear caliper, [with footpeg hanger, master cylinder and trick little reservoir] twenty quid and a pair of clip-ons, [not a matching pair, the nickel plating is a different colour, big deal], for another tenner, then up to neil's at cornerspeed ducati for a root through his brake caliper bin and turn up a beauty, result, be rude not to pop around the corner and see kev at le-rock, tell him about the problem with the front disc and he gives us a 320mm semi floating disc for nowt, 'measure it up and see if you can do anything with it, if not give me a ring monday, the ebc rep is in and i can have a word with him to see if i can get you sorted', my faith in human nature is restored, thank you.

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