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Sunday, 24 February 2013

northern soul

autry dewalt mixon junior, or, junior walker, was a motown legend, i saw him and his band playing live at an all-nighter way back in 1977-78?, the venue was the st ivo recreation centre, in st. ives, cambridgeshire, let's get this straight, here was a detoit soul legend, playing a sleepy east midlands rec. centre? holy shit batman! i was there, junior and the band eventually shuffled on stage around four in the a.m., about six hours late, [and you thought the stones or oasis were bad at keeping the crowd waiting?] but, as soon as they started to play this song, mr mixon honkin' on the sax like a honking donkey with lung trouble,  total attitude, 'yo motherfucker's, y'all come to see a SOUL show?, one, two, three, four, i'm a roadrunner baby' then, then, about ten minutes into his set, he drop's this tune, fuck me.....


  1. Thank fuck for some joyous tuneage when you bloody idiots are carrying on like secondhand chainsaws on shitty premix . . . ha, thems white boys is getting obstreperous sir . . . The Gallows mate, tougher than dirt Lovey, hard as something one level harder than hard. XXX

  2. Sometimes you luck out. On my 21st B-day a couple friends took me up to Tahoe to gamble and hang out. A couple of us had made a stop at the 'milk-bar', and were higher than kites. Grant and myself were attracted like moths to a flame by some music coming from a little lounge was BB King playing to a small crowd of ancient folks having dinner. We stood in the doorway and listened, just as the two of us groked who we were listening to, BB looked up and pointed at us, and mouthed. 'yeah, it's stoners' least, that's the way we remember it. Dang, that was 40 yarns ago...
    Junior Walker...very cool, cooler than a very chilly thang...

  3. yep, he really was a cool dude, the band were amazing too, very, very tight, i have no doubt's that they didn't want to upset mr mixon junior! bb king? what a memory that one was, [hope you didn't 'inhale' any of those toxin's larry?] it's suprising just how many of the old blues and soul stars actually ended up playing the dinner club circuit, i can remember going to jersey, a tiny channel isle just off the coast of france and seeing a northern soul legend, tommy hunt playing a pub gig! i went araound to his dressing room afterwards and had a chat with him, he was rolling his eyes when this little fat white kid started talking about some of his releases on obscure record labels and mentioning some of the band's he had performed with, but, that was a major part of the northern soul scene, you had to know your stuff, release dates, labels, artists, studio's etc, because if you didn't someone was ready to shoot you down in flames!

    1. I came here, all excited by te photo of you and the lad only to be confronted with 'the page you are looking for doesn't exist' . . . no shit Loveymucker, still having problems with Drogger by the looks. XX