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Sunday, 24 February 2013

fuck off blogger

i'm really struggling to publish stuff at the minute, blogger has a major issue, it's taking me loads of time to post anything, time i can ill-afford, i'm getting well fucked off with trying to post pictures and then getting kicked back, my last post being an example, why is everything arse about face? i post my pictures in a specific order and they are just randomly posted up! get it sorted.......wanker's.


  1. Lately over here, the ol' Blogger has been working pretty good...
    have had issues in the past...

  2. really struggling at the moment larry, i can't even post photo's in the correct order........

  3. I've never liked the way Blogger does pictures either, so I use Flickr for them usually. One way you might try to fix the order with pictures is to switch from 'compose' to 'HTML' when editing a post, and then copy and paste the pictures in the right order.

  4. cheer's joe, good call indeed, thank's for that! regards, tim.