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Saturday, 28 April 2012

the loveless vinyl vault [aka skeletons in the cupboard]

this tune for me is forever 'bailey's' nightclub on a tuesday night, probably the most un-popular night of the week, the organisation that owned the 'bailey's' chain saw an oppurtunity to pack their premises with a load of kid's who didn't drink, didn't fight the bouncer's and didn't take drug's, [ahem], all they were interested in was the music, hector was the resident disc jockey, spinning the records and catering to the masses, we just wanted the weekend to come as soon as possible and going to 'bailey's' on a tuesday was one way to numb the pain of day to day working life............

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  1. Ferkin ell mate !!! What a killer track, we never got access to these more underground soul sounds down here, blowing my tiny mind man, huge, sharp, punchy horns, the power-chant vox, the repetitiv, grinding melody and rhythm section . . . got it all going on. Rating - 12/10 !!!!