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Saturday, 28 April 2012

the loveless vinyl vault [aka skeletons in the cupboard]

the next four post's are classic northern soul 'stomper's', the term used for up-tempo, fast, soulful dance tunes, kicking us off is this gem by the velvet satin's, a beautiful slice of soul clocking in at one minute and fifty five seconds and arranged and produced by the legendary trade martin, he had a hand in loads of class records but is more famous as producing the world's worst record ever, the hateful 'we've got to stop the mosque at ground zero' what the fuck? forget all that and just listen to this big slab of soul.....

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  1. Well Lovey, we can forgive him the hate crime as a result of this one alone, wow !! Reminds me a bit of the tempo and pace of the original "Heatwave" but with some really sweet counterpoint melodic shit goin on, put a nice cold ale in my paw and I'd ave been off like a frog in a sock . . . seems like I wim mate, one lousy Beasts of Bourbon track in trade of 4, yes that's right, 4, soul monsters I've never even heard, big love comin at ya bro, the best !!! Goin out to get an afro wig and a nice tight thin lapel James style suit right now !!!