another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 28 April 2012

m. zed.

all mz rider's know this feeling, you have just been overtaken by a 'born-again' riding the latest model japper, he has four times the bee-hatche-pee, but, well frankly, can't ride for toss, he's threepenny bitting around the corners, you fix him in your sight's, gaining valuable yard's on every bend, he can hear you behind him, rinnga, dinnga, dingg as you search for the powerband, eventually he's your's, you stick it up him, mid bend, stand dragging, wallowing and weaving, sparks flying like a sparkler on bonfire night, up to the light's, there on red, shit, he's going to stuff you in a straight line dragrace, you feign disinterest as you adjust your snap bag on your shoulder, your ready, rev's rising, feathering the clutch waiting for the light's to change so you can do it all again, he bottles it and turn's left, victory is your's..............

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  1. Just perfect matey. MZeddery of the highest order!