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Friday, 27 April 2012

the loveless vinyl vault [aka skeletons in the cupboard]

 where does the time go? i can't believe this record is from 1984, after the break up of the jam mr weller broadened his horizons and discovered soul music, ok the video is a little cheesy now, but, what we have here pop-picker's, is 'the natural sound'..................


  1. Tim.....couldn't agree more !! I always felt a little bit "guilty pleasure" about liking the Cafe Bleu album after The Jam, but the vocal on Paris Match from Tracey Thorn, made me feel very sophisticated & tingly at the that wrong ??!!??

    1. ADT, I'm sure Tim will agree, no good feeling engendered by any song can ever be wrong, no matter how socially unhip the peer group 'style [council] police' may try to make it out to be . . . follow the feeling !!!