another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 27 April 2012

hasta luega mr fab

 more beck's brilliance, possibly the best bmw's in the world, [well, along with the ritmo bikes, i really don't know what it is about these bikes, well, that's not strictly true, they are solid, well engineered machines, easy to work on and there's loads of stuff you can do to them to make them better for not a big outlay of folding green stuff, me and barse have been chopping the shit out of them since 1993, don't tell anyone though, they might just get fashionable and everyone will trade in their harley's, throw their 'original' levi cut-off's in the bin, shave off their face-fuzz, take their dvd copy of 'choppertown' to oxfam, [other charity shop's are available] and discover the delight's of riding a real 'stealth' bike..........

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  1. Awesome bike man! Did they come with that front end? Or is that custom? Thanks :)