another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 7 October 2013

original pirate material

monday afternoon, i'm normally seeing out the first shift of the week, today, i've got a day off, the routine, boring jobs of everyday life behind me, better get the bike out then and get out for a ride, a hundred miles out, [well one hundred and five if you want to split hair's] time for some some fuel, i grab a coffee at the same time, make sure the lid is secure and stick it down the front of my jacket, a recipe for disaster i know, but, i really don't want to drink it on a garage forecourt with the smell of diesel and sour-faced lorry drivers, i head out instead and pull off into a gateway five or six miles down the road, as i sit looking at the ducati, listening to it cool and drink my java, i realise just how much i love this bike, when i ride it, i'm in a state of zen, i really don't know how i arrive at my destination, it's just so easy to ride, fast and a long way, munching the miles with consummate ease, home well after dark, i'm in for a bollocking, we are away tomorrow, the annual bailey holiday, don't know if i'll post or not yet, i'll see you on the other side......


  1. So you don't want your coffee ruined by the smell of diesel, so you park up next to a sewage works, ;-) Good work on not spilling any coffee, that is impressive. Have a good holiday.