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Monday, 7 October 2013

charity shop find's

day off today, brilliant, none of that 'monday morning feeling' for me, couple of job's to do in town, i can't resist nipping into the air ambulance shop and oxfam for a browse through their books and cd's, double cd of rare 'pye' label northern soul for a quid, yes please, turin brakes, post clubbing nu-folk-acoustic chill-out?, another quid, the mighty john legend, 'once again' [lent it someone and never got it back, classic] and the pixies, 'surfer rosa' never owned this on disc amazingly, got a download, but whats that? it's just something in the ether, which brings us back to turin brakes 'ether song', it's not thrown together you know......... quality sounds for the price of a subway sandwich, support your local charity shop.

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