another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 12 July 2013

got the phone call i'd been dreading today, my heart skipped a beat when i saw the number, i really was dumb enough to think i would be heading south to pick up the boxer, i told myself that it would be a close call, i mean, let's be honest, you can't expect to really turn a bike around in seven month's can you? what was i thinking about? the twenty second of december when me and sweary made the trip 'darn sarf' on probably the worst day of the year, rain? yeah, apparently the average december rainfall in a day, the day i decide to take my bike down to ensure it's ready for the practice day on march the 21st, that day came and went and so did the next four month's, no bike and a load of frustration, when i called last month to give a gentle reminder that i would really like to ride my bike this year and i definetley  needed it back by thursday the eleventh of july at the latest to ensure i had time to check everything over, lockwire everything up and just get my head sorted i thought it would still happen, in my stupid naive head i thought i would be heading down to pick up my bike, yeah, it's tight but fuck it, i can go down late saturday afternoon, pick it up and drive straight to mallory, sleep in the van, in my head me and dangerous are sipping a cold staro, laughing at how tight it was but at least i'm going to be riding, i mean, call me the optimist but really?  seven month's? 'cause it's going to happen, except it's not, apparently' the bearing housing on my bike has a crack in it, it need's a 'new' cover and bearing and no-one stock's them so i've tried my best and i'm sorry and if i'd noticed it earlier i'd have had the part's and got it sorted, i'm really sorry....' sorry? not as sorry as i am, i'm gutted, i feel like i've had a swift hard kick in the bollocks, i paid up front for the festival, that was when? oh yeah january, a hundred and twenty quid, paid the deposit on the van for what? another load of broken promises and disappointment, sweary dropped the 350 'macchi off tonight, i phoned the vmcc to try and change my entry but no-joy, so there you go folk's, i'm crewing for dangerous instead of riding, we are taking both 'macchi's but one of them will just sit there in the paddock on it's stand and i haven't got a ride because my bike isn't ready and the 'spare' 'macchi will just sit on it's paddock stand looking pretty because of a 'jobsworth' in the vmcc office, pissed off? me?........naaah.....


  1. Damn! Well, the red bikes look beautiful. You guys should be proud of those...and who is that familiar looking chap in the photo-booth mugshots..? Is that the missing sixth Beatle?

  2. Chin up, at least it's not raining!!

  3. I'm going with Whitey..... FUCK!!!!! . You must have been really bad in a previous life mate

  4. Can't you pull off a bit of the old sorry-mate-my-bike's-broke-down-last-weekend-and-all-I-have-is-this-ol'-Macchi-can't-we-find-a-solution kind of stuff ?

    Just sayin'... you know, never give up and it ain't over till it's over, right ?