another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 12 July 2013

books and water

 here's a couple of shot's from wednesday night at MFN, the jota, owned for twenty-eight years by the same bloke, jmc swinger looking good and the noise when he started it up and rode off? fanbloodydozy! [i actually parked next to him but the bloody jota is so massive you can't see my sporty behind it] the honda s.o.h.c seven-fifty? surely everyone has owned one of these in the past? the original 'superbike' this little beauty tastefully done, but it's still crying out for a pair of clip-on's? just saying, still a brilliant bike......[oh yeah, as you know, most of my posts are song titles from what i'm listening to as i post this drivel, check this one out for a quality tune, look it up, it won't come up on a google search so here's another clue, ten more turnips from the tip.....]

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