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Sunday, 2 June 2013

tt races

glued to the radio today, the solo's finally got under way late after the clean up operation due to a road traffic accident on the course, the  tension in the riders was so apparent as the start time kept getting put back but, eventually, the races got underway in perfect condition's, today was all about michael dunlop who set an unbeatable pace and took a well deserved win in the superbike race, thirty years to the day that his uncle joey won his first tt, mcpint raced in a joey paintjob, leather's and helmet and carrying the famous #3 on his bike in a tribute to the greatest tt rider in history, a great tribute to 'yer maun' indeed, a brilliant afternoon's racing, fast and safe and mcpint getting the consolation of a new lap record at 131.670mph and a third place behind dunlop and cam donald, flying the flag for norton was mackers  who got a brilliant 18th place on a bike built in a shed just up the road, makes me want to start singing 'jerusalem', get my pictures of princess diana out and have a port and lemon and a cucumber sandwich, they don't like it up 'em them mr mannering....


  1. Bit of nostalgia for you

  2. Thirty bloody since 'yer mon' took his first, god, time flies when you're going fast mate . . . all we get out here is a pissweak mention on cable . . . oh well, one day mate.

  3. If you have/get dropbox I can send you FLVs of the TV coverage over here in Blighty if you are interested. Saw Joey on the isle, and at the NW200 a good few times and his precision was astounding. Was also lucky enough to see Mike the Bike in 1979.