another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 2 June 2013


oxfam, never ceases to amaze me that you can buy top quality music for the price of a couple of pints, morcheeba, i already have a couple of their album's and i didn't realise this was a 'best of' compilation, but, for 1.99? it's worth it for the beautiful cover picture alone, rancid? well, what can you say, i'd already downloaded it, but, well, as you have probably realised by now, i'm a music magpie, so, the chance of a 'hard copy' for the best part of fuck all? and then, we have the six 'blues collection' discs, i googled the label and apparently it was a cd/magazine combo from the early ,90's, published by orbis and fetching big money on flea-bay as a complete collection, elmore james, bessie smith, little walter and chuck berry, yeah, ive got them on the radar and stuff in my collection already but j.b hutton? luther allison? earl hooker and junior wells? i need to get edumakated me, well there you go, another obsession sparked off tracking down the other 90, yep 90 cd's, get's me to thinking what will happen to all this shit when i shuffle off this mortal coil, all my northern soul vinyl, my cd's, my bikes, tool's, photo's, book's and magazines? i hope it end's up in oxfam, so people can get the same thrill of finding some hidden treasure that i get when i find it, what goes around comes around......


  1. Ha we have you now! Welcome the the world of blues, been listening to it since I was a youngster tuning into Mike Raven on the radio. J B Hutto slide player in the Elmore mould, Luther more in the BB/Freddie King style, Earl Hooker sweet guitar difficult to classify but easy on the ear, and Junior Wells one of the greatest harp players with a wonderful voice!


  2. You're a mixed up, shook up kid Lovey . . . and I like it, fantastic score buddy, old Squire is clearly a black man in a white man's body.

  3. now i realise what all the old mod's were listening too 'back in the day' [what a shit term by the way] i was a fresh-faced [well, apart from a dodgy top-lip moustache and acne!] northern soul fan, i occasionally drifted into the 'oldies' room at 'nighter's to be met with sound's like this and a load of 'old-blokes' [possibly late thirties/early forties?] this was back in 1975, '76, '77, '78, ,79 so, please don't beat me up too much.......