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Saturday, 8 December 2012

northern soul

saturday night, x factor final on the box, me? i'm checking out some real music on you tube, here's one that i love, from the film, 'northern soul' by elaine constantine, not got a copy of it yet, but, this is for real, to me the girls in flared skirts, talcum powder on the dancefloor, high kicks and backdrops, six pocket trousers, brogues, tank top's, button downs, braces, fred perry polo shirts, penny loafers, sheepskin coats, 'fry's' chocolate on a deserted railway station, middle of winter, you've just fed it forty-pence, still no chocolate, fuck it, prise it apart and rob it, standing in line, dodgy 'soul club' membership's, big, hard, bouncer's, ready to smash your face in rather than look at you, chalkies, pro-plus, dexadrine, brown and clears, somebody's mum's slimming pills, vinyl in wooden boxes and record boxes, that smell that only records have, paying a weeks wages for a tune, waiting for a train to get home in the morning, meeting up with rival fans on the platform, getting kicked to shit, home, hungry, beaten and aching, tired,but can't sleep, too many chemical's buzzing around your system, bath, shave, match and then? you do it all again on the saturday night.......

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  1. On fire Brotherman, on fire, stream of Lovelessness thought rivers are what brought me here in the first place, fantastic mate . . . grumpy old men, gotta love us !!! XX