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Saturday, 8 December 2012

eight and hate

after the fixtures are released, the one that i always look for after the forest dates are dirty leeds, what can you say about dirty, dirty leeds that hasn't been said so many times, so much history between the two old clubs, leeds came to town today, early kick-off, looking for revenge for their last seven, yep, seven defeats on the bounce to the mighty ram's, they weren't going to get it today either as the rams coasted to an emphatic victory over our yorkshire rivals, that's eight in a row now then, victory almost as sweet as over our scutty neighbours down the road in snottingham, the derby fans were well up for it today, baiting the leeds fans with 'jimmy saville, he's one of your own' which, credit due to the leeds fans, earned a round of applause before they retorted with 'jimmy saville, he shags who he wants', totally and politically incorrect, but, for all that one of the reasons it's great to go to football, black terrace humour at it's best, the world isn't a very nice place, the fan's are not condoning it, just making comment on something that should have been sorted out years ago, don't beat up the football fan's, don't feign indignation or shock, the powers that be in lofty positions knew what was happening and chose to ignore it, but, back to the football, when ben davies curled a beautiful shot past paddy kenny four minutes into extra time, peeled off his shirt and threw it onto the ground, [only for the ref to pick it up, look at the number on the back and book him]it was one of those truly sweet moments in football, eight on the bounce, i bet a certain 'ol big 'ead is smiling tonight....


  1. oh my god Tim, you make it sound so good I almost want to get into football. after i start riding jap stuff. and hell freezes over. x ben

  2. Fucking brilliant Lovey, I love it when you talk football !!!