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Sunday, 30 December 2012

gilberto milani

doing a little digging after my discovery of mike's comment identifying the work's aermacchi rider, mr gilberto milani,i found that mr milani was the aermacchi race manager and also part of the management team that helped walter villa win three world championship's for a little known american outfit called 'harley-davidson', i'm sorry to be so cynical, but come on, the 'official' [t.m.] website glosses over this remarkable fact in less than two sentences! it really amazes me that harley steadfastly refuse to recognise the achievement's of the racer's who put their neck's on the line so that the 'factory' could claim the glory and the right to sell motorcycles to wannabee weekend warrior's, middle-aged wanker's searching out a lifestyle, you are not worthy to clean mr milani's boot's, heritage?, yeah, whatever...


  1. Love this shit Timmy, no, not giving it to the hand clampers, the ever increasing threads that I come away with that reinforce my respect for and knowledge of the stuff that really moves me . . . the fag in hand is so typical of the era of these great two wheeled fighter pilots, great stuff Lovey, cheers. A Happy, healthy and busy New Year to you, Mrs B. the groovers, Dangerman and the hounds. XXX