another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 30 December 2012


no, you aren't having a flashback moment, well, yes you are actually, i posted this photo up a few week's ago, as you probably know, the blogger tool that automatically display's your latest comment's is broken at the moment and it was only by chance that i found this comment posted by mike, here's what he wrote, 'hello, the rider is gilberto milani, the bike is a 250 factory aermacchi racer with magneto ignition and special pre-production 230 ceriani 4 l's brake and already the last frame model, so, the year would be 1966 and i would be very pleased to know the exact place and have the year confirmed. these two shot's are real gem's for paddock pictures without a fairing are scarce....and coloured!! thank you for these pictures, i will offer them to gilberto who is 80 at present time, mike' so there you have it, a couple of photo's sent to me by ed at fingymoto discovered by someone who know's gilberto milani the rider in the photo, made my day today, mike, if you are in touch with gilberto, please pass on my regard's..........


  1. What a cool connection to make. Was just reading on Don Emdes FB page about how Cal Rayborn was racing a Harley 'Sprint' about that same period.

  2. hi lawrence, just been doing a little digging myself, believe it or not, mr milani took over the role of aermacchi racing team manager and helped to manage walter villa to three world championship's!