another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 8 September 2012

we don't need no steenkin' mudguard

a little comment by jan, a long time contributer to the loveless blog has been needling me all week, 'ever thought about losing the front mudguard?' well, yes i have, i've never been happy with the cut-down aprillia 125 guard, i fitted it because past experiences on my rigid sporty chop sans 'guard told me to fit one to stop the constant stream of road debris, water from the wet road's and lump's of cow faeces hitting me square in my ugly mug, but, you know what?, after jan's comment i woke up a couple of night's thinking about it, i got to thinking, i'm running a barely legal, [ok. illegal] motorcycle, i have no headlight, no indicator's, a loud pipe, my emissions are fucked because i junked the standard airbox with the re-circ system and i'm running a mikuni 42mm pumper carb and shorty s+s bellmouth, i've got race tyres, my brake's are not 'type-approved' original equipment but a combination of ducati treble-nine brembo front stopper and cagiva mito 125 rear but a hundred times more efficient than the o.e.m standard harley shit fitted as standard, a small silver and black reg plate and a hundred and one other thing's that i've modified that aren't 'official dealer t.m. approved' so, what difference does it make not running a front mudguard? diddly fucking squat, nada, nothing, not-a-jot old chap and let's face it, it does look better doesn't it...........


  1. Sorry. (it does look better though, ;-) )

  2. I didn't mind it with the guard on, but now I don't mind it with it off . . . I totally love that rim though mate, nude alloy gives me the bloody horn !!!

  3. As I'm reading your blog at my mom's house, my brother walks up and hands me a sturdy looking stainless steel fork brace he is going to run on his Sporty, that he just realized will fit under an Arlen Ness fender he has. I was just thinking how a fork brace would look on your bike.