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Saturday, 8 September 2012

charity shop/oxfam

saturday, no match today, england played last night, world cup qualifier, mr's b and me hit the shop's in belper, chippy dinner today, chip's, mushy peas, white cob's from gregg's, [with proper slighty salted lurpak butter], i live like a monk week day's, five a day, tuna salad everyday, no alcohol, walk five miles a day, training hard on the heavy bag, weekend's? fuck that, beer, wine, vodka, curry, chip's and all the other malarkey that's no good for you, first port of call is the legendary book and cd and vinyl shop that is oxfam, mr's b pick's up five novel's by jonathon kellerman her new favourite author, i score a copy of 'zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance' by robert m pirsig, had it year's ago, lent it someone long forgotten and it dissapeared into the ether and four cd's, new order, 'technique', eel's, 'daises of the galaxy', fun lovin' criminal's, '100% colombian' and 'b.r.m.c.' by black rebel motorcycle club, support your local charity shop, [jack's had a sort out of his designer label clothes that he doesn't wear anymore and we dropped them off too, what goes around, comes around........]

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