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Saturday, 25 August 2012

charity shop / oxfam

saturday, jess is off to reading for the festival, i'm drifting in and out of sleep, shower's, hair dryer's, 'mum, where's my ticket' it's the weekend, a bank holiday weekend, natch, no-way am i getting up at stupid 'o' clock, i do that every working day, mr's b's alarm goes off, she drop's jess off at the train station and me and the dog's enjoy a saturday morning lie-in, i can't even be bothered to bollock them for snuggling on the bed, i drift off and mr's b wakes me with a kiss and a cup of tea, lazy, late summer morning, breakfast, walk the dog's, more tea, down into belper for some groceries and the traditional 'chippy dinner', so? i'm good all week, saturday comes, so, beat me up, white bread, butter, chip's and peas, me and mr's b hit oxfam, i love this shop, i never, ever, don't buy anything from here, be it cd's, vinyl or books, today was one of those day's, i scored a copy of 'dogtown-the legends of the z-boy's' for one ninety nine and five, [count them cd's] for the same paltry sum, check this out, the pixies, 'trompe le monde', lemondheads, 'it's a shame about ray', lemonheads, 'come on feel the lemonheads', 4hero, 'creating patterns' and the breeders, 'last splash', five cd's and a book for the same price as a round of drink's, you really can't go wrong, support your local charity shop.....


  1. You bastard !! What a score, the cd's are all gems, huge Lemonheads fan me, poor old smacky Dando, but to jag the Dogtown book for tuppence ha'penny, you son of a lady !!! We all know TA and Jayboy but the black dude is Marty Grimes I think, who was the only Afro-Seppo in the gang circa '77-'80 and a helluva skater, have a great weekend Lovey Mucker, enjoy that cholesterol overload !!! XX

  2. About 5 or 6 years ago my climbing partner and I were in Yosemite and ran into a group of young British climbers. They were going on about the great "Charity shops" they had been to out here...after a bit we realized they were talking about what we call "Thrift stores" over here. One young lad in particular, we were having a hard time understanding. Later, one of his mates said, "oh him, he's Welsh....half the time we can't understand him. We had a great time hanging out and swapping tales of "Charity shop" scores. I've scored some great motorcycle parts over the years.