another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 3 August 2012

boxer racer project

itch, itch, scratch, had an itch all week, right arm, little mole, never really took much notice of it and then, alarm bell's, it's a mole, raised from the skin, changing colour and itching, booked in with the doctor, he say's it's nothing to worry about, but, 'i think we need to send you for a few test's to be sure' when i get home from my shift i phone pauline at the british historic racing club, 'got any entries for darley moor next weekend?' i've booked in for two bear's races and a novice race for saturday, i'm going to be out on a cobbled together, standard motor, but, you know, so fucking what, you only have one life and you have to pack in everything you can into it..........

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  1. Dont worry yerself over the mole mate, I had a big bugger like that cut out years ago. Worst bit was waiting a week for them to tell me the result of the biopsy. Was all clear and touch wood not had anymore problems. Give that BMW a good thraping and see what else falls off ;)