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Friday, 3 August 2012

black and white forever

ok, none-football fan's skip this post, it contains passion, bad language and stuff even i can't explain, still here?, ok, here we go, i bleed black and white, i'm a derby fan, simple as, that's the way it is, that's the way i roll, derby county run's through my vein's, i support an un-fashionable, east midland's club, our glory day's were 40 year's ago, i'm not bothered, i'm a derby fan, i'll support this club through thick and thin, until the day i die, my son, [i'm sorry jack] is the same, it's to easy to 'support' a premiership team, a manchester united, tottenham or chelsea, we renewed our season tickets in may, what else are we going to do? even after a lack-lustre mid-table performance, it's a chore rather than being entertainment sometimes watching this team, [and oh, so easy to pretend to support a winning team] derby county have had the thick end of eight hundred plus hard earned pounds in their coffer's for three month's, so, imagine my suprise when i get a letter, [two weeks before the start of the season] informing me that they have sold my seat to the visiting supporter's of one of our rival's, sheffield wednesday, excuse me? yep, they've given our seats to a rival club and re-allocated us some shit seat's at the back of the stadium, what's worse is that they inform me that they may do this for more matches throughout the season, so, for the big matches we are sitting anywhere that 'the club' decide to choose for us?, for the tuesday night matches, home to hull, [no offence to hull supporter's], on a freezing february night i can sit in my own seat? is it me or what, i went down to the ticket office to ask what was going on, they were wank and tried to fob me off, i ask to speak to a manager, wanker, he tries to fob us off, i go into the main reception and eventually get an audience with the commercial director who proceed's to tell me 'it's a commercial decision, you have to look at the big picture' yeah the big picture, if you can sell my ticket to a rival club you will, we mean fuck all to the club, the loyal supporter's who come year in, year out, in all weather's to watch a jorneyman team, when i walk through the carpark on a matchday and see the players bentleys, lambo's porche's and ferrari's i wonder if they really care? do they fuck, football is a business, the sucker's like me and jack pay their wages and the club treat us like shit, all that badge kissing, fuck you, i'll be here when you've signed with whoever is going to pay you fifty quid a week more you mercenary bastard's, i really wanted to tell them to stick it up their arse today, but, i'm going to ask to sit somewhere else so they can't mug me off , sucker? yep that's me, loyal supporter...........


  1. Shocking Tim you must have been fit to ????

  2. Vitriol, vindictive, warranted ? Yes in-fucking-deedy, bloody cracker Lovey, that should be published in a national paper, this is the stuff that drew me to the Loveless gig in the first place, full of well deserved poison . . . so completely encapsulated, the bane of modern sport, bad enough putting up with 'mercenary' players and managers/coaches but then to be souled/sold out by your own club is disgraceful at best, humiliating and degrading in real terms . . . as you said mate, all very easy to be 'following', as in the sheep/flock/lemming sense, the big flash, obvious clubs but try sticking with 'your team' for a lifetime . . . I've been a South Sydney Rabbitohs supporter since I was seven, the last time we won a premiership was over forty years ago, me, through thick and mostly thin I've stuck by them and will continue to do so, with or without Russell fucking Crowe owning the club. You, you are the real deal mate, heart full of soul, doing your utmost to keep things fair for not only your own family but for how things should just be. Respect and admiration Lovey, true fucking blue lad, monster ups.
    P.S - as a fair skinned redhead who has flogged himself in the Queensland sun for 35 years, you'll be fine buddy, follow the Squire's advice, all will be apples . . and yeah, only one go at the life caper, continue living it. Love ya mate.