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Sunday, 15 July 2012

festival of a 1000 bikes

looking for footage on you-tube of the irving vincent's at the festival of a 1000 bikes and i stumbled upon this gem, posted as 'ajs 7r and vellocette venom at the festival of a 1000 bike's', there was still a recovery van on the circuit, hence the slow start at the beginning of the footage as the travelling marshal's try to keep everyone in check, but check out the view and the sounds from the rider's point-of-view, of the racing heritage out on track, at 0302 the first of the irving vincent's makes an appearance, at 0318, your's truly appear's, [on the left of the camera bike], only racing the fucking norton tt bike, [on the right of the camera bike], and the second irving vinny at 0319, into the shaw's hairpin and matey on the norton goes in too hot and i pass him! [0330], this is 1500 hr's on sunday afternoon, most of the punter's are on the way home and we are out there, riding the bollock's off old bikes, we ought to have a chat with ourselves, check out the legend sammy miller at 0920, stood at the side of his van waiting to make a sharp exit from the paddock..........


  1. Very cool, watched "On any Sunday" for the umpteenth time, was needing a racing fix...and now this video...great stuff, love the sounds...getting all amped up for the upcoming Sacramento Mile in my town. Congratulations on getting the bike on the track, young man.That smile on Sammy Millers face was priceless...I imagine you were smiling as well!

  2. As Larry wrote, Miller's mug, what a classic !! Great stuff Lovey, had to come back and watch it several more times, the Buzz Bomb and you lookin the goods mate, certainly some action through the twisties, and for all the new fangled noise suppression muffling still a glorious din. Unreal mate, you should be rightly chuffed, especially as a first 'real' outing . . . if only the vid had 'smellavision' !!!