another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 15 July 2012

festival of a 1000 bikes

 tucked against the armco barrier adjacent to the start and finish straight, we stumbled across this little gem, i thought it was a rob north framed trident on first peek, [hey, i was  thirty yard's away and the old eye's aren't what they used to be, give me a break], as we got closer i realised it was a 500cc twin tucked inside the frame rails, it really is a jewel like little bike, the engine sits high in the frame, only the primary chaincase protudes outside the genuine rob north frame rail's, the bike wasn't running, the bloke who own's it had just run out of time but was riding his other bike at the festival, he told us the story about he got the bike as a project, he was laid up in bed with a migraine and his mate came around to see him, his mate picked up a copy of 'classic racer' magazine and on flicking through it found the bike in the small ad's, he show's it matey's missus and she buy's it him for xmas! that's what's brilliant about the festival, it's not just the bikes, but the stories of the people behind them too..........


  1. thanks for a lovely piece. I did get it running, had a faulty new ignition component. Entered for 2013 1000 bikes plus a couple of events in France. Having got out on it just once in 2012 it is lovely to ride and I'm really looking forward to 2013

  2. thank's for letting me know what happened, i'm doing the festival of a 1000 bikes again this year and having another dabble at classic racing this season with the bhr and perhaps the crmc post classic's with the old boxer, hope we can meet up and find out how the triumph is running when you finally get it sorted! cheer's, tim