another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 9 June 2012

tt races

saturday proved to be an agonising wait for tt fan's, the weather, being a deciding factor to cancel the senior for only the third time since 1907, after a course inspection just after 1700hrs it was decided that running the massively powered superbikes on slick's was just too risky, a very brave and a very right decision, i'm glad that everone is going home safe at the end of the tt fortnight, the lightweight race was dominated by ryan farquhar on his home built kawasaki based er6 commuter bike, brilliant effort and good to see another paddy on the rostrum, that's it then, another tt over and another 51 week's of highlights to watch, roll on next june........


  1. Same as you I think it was the right decision to cancel the Senior and its great that the riders get home safe after the two weeks on the Island,a few sore heads this morning I,d say .

  2. I wondered why An Evening With Billy Connelly, (from the 80s!), was on instead of edge seat, white knuckle, balls out bike racing.

  3. Standin around waitin, will they race or won't they? Have another beer or two, stand talkin to a local islander "its too wet on the mountain he says, they'll not let the senior happen". Sounds of bikes fill the speakers across the road from us at Quarter Bridge, seconds later McGuiness and Crutchlow come in to veiw, round the right hander on to the short straight and McGuiness is on the back wheel, next bike we hear then see is the Norton, i know its not pure Norton but f**k me what a sound. Next up we see some bikes used in anger, the lightweight's and Farquhar leads em home, so the senior didn't happen, the weather could have been better (our tent would have blown away Wednesday and Thursday night if we wern't in it) and too many people were moanin about the lack of organisation and the time delays, but me and Mrs Med we loved every minute !!!!! We got booked up for next year in a B&B, can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!