another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 9 June 2012

good thing.

'good thing' by the fine young cannibal's, a northern soul back-beat, doc martins, bleached jeans, flat-top's and cut-downs, paddy patches, white socks and loafers, m1a's, roland's voice and wheely's, backrests, scooter girls, donkey jackets and number-ones, hofmeister beer towels sown on your jacket, piano and hand-clap's, full face helmets and clip-on's, needle-cord jackets and two-stroke haze, the girl dancing at 3.08..............


  1. Tim.....I seem to remember the scoots/scooterists were from Fine City S.C (Norwich) & they never stopped parpin' on about it if you spoke to them at a rally !! My Mrs spent a chunk of her teenage years growing up in Hull & often used to pass Roland Gift on opposite esculators in the local shopping centre !! I went to see an early FYC gig at Rock City & Andy Cox/Dave Steele had matching pink suede cardigans on......Jaunty !!

  2. God they were this biz back then, his unique vox style, the Dork Bros from The Beat, scintillating tunes, what else did you need ?? First time I'd ever seen a chopped/modified scooter . . . and the girl at 3.08 . . . yeah, good shit. I'm with you mate, the TT's too deadly a course without the weather upping the death threat level, it's not like there won't be another one. Cheers youth, off for a long weekend run in the rain.