another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 19 May 2012


david emde racing the san-jose bmw twin, i became aware of emde's when i followed the american superbike series in the late '70's-early '80's, these machines were like the bikes we rode on the road, big, brutal in-line four cylinder machines, ill handling, heavy monster's, skinny little tyres, [you could squeeze a 130 pirelli phantom in the arse-end of a gs 1000], emde rode for the legendary pop's yoshimura on suzuki's before signing to ride the bmw boxer twin's, the twin's were considered uncompetitive against the inline japper four's, emde proved them wrong at loudon in 1981, a post race entry meant starting from the back row, emde carved through the field, even passing flying freddie spencer on the work's honda cb900, oh yeah baby, not bad for an old man's touring bike was it?..........[thank's for the pic's jan]

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