another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 20 May 2012

north west 200

north west 200 this weekend in 'norn iron' the fastest road race in the world, pavements, wall's, lamp-post's and all the other street furniture associated with riding on the roads, alistair seeley taking three win's and john mcguiness taking a win in saturday's superbike race, ryan farquhar winning the supertwins race, mixed fortune for michael dunlop, connor cummins and guy martin though, sadly the scottish rider mark buckley died of injuries sustained in a high speed crash at york corner, respect due to the real road racer's, tt start's next week, can't wait...........[picture is charlie williams leading mick grant from year's ago, just seems to evoke the whole spirit of road racing]

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  1. Yeah mate, real road racing requiring skills and balls that take it and the other clasic TT courses beyond the realm of the MotoGP'ers or the Superbikers, sadly, we never get the current news on this stuff until it's old and stale, sad to hear of another pedaller joining the long list of those who died trying . . . see, things could be worse than the hypothermia blues, cheers Lovey and love back at you for the morale booster, XX