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Saturday, 5 May 2012

the loveless vinyl vault, [aka skeletons in the cupboard]

instrumental's have alway's played an important part in the northern soul scene, you tend to think as soul music as being a 'vocal' thing and indeed some of the soul sounds can reduce me to tear's with the absolute passion, heartbreak and well, just pure soul that jump's from the grooves of the records that i hold dear, the next three post's are just an example of northern instrumental's to show the diversity of the 'scene', the first is by frankie 'loveman' crocker and was a massive tune in the mid to late 70's frankie was a famous radio dj, his station wbls out of harlem was one of the most popular radio stations at the time and this was his 'outro' theme, i love this tune, when the girl singer shout's 'do it frankie, do it!' i just died and went to heaven, [or wherever.............]

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