another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 5 May 2012

# 51

andy smith on the loveless built #51 mz racer running mid-pack at pembrey this weekend, sounds like he's having some fun, clipped by dean stimpson, the ex mz series champion, making a return to the mz's after a couple of years in the triumph 675 bsb support race series, off onto the grass but managed to stay shiny side up,  only his third race meeting and making great progress, keep it up andy.........

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  1. I know your game youth, just trying to shame into a sense of knowing nowt 'bout bloody music . . . well it's certainly working Lovey !! Excellent stuff yet again mate, keep em coming, loving this shit, too good mate. Great to see the MZ being well and truly kept in the game . . . now, enough posting and get back to that fucking boxer !!!