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Saturday, 12 May 2012

the loveless vinyl vault, [aka skeletons in the cupboard]

 soul music, i remember hearing this for the first time, i'm a thick bloke from the east midland's, never exposed to music with a deep southern gospel feeling, it moved me to tear's and i spent the next few months on a mission tracking down this gem, as many tunes embraced by the northern soul scene in general, the artists themselves were mercilessly exploited by dj's and promoter's alike who had discovered their demo copies  and limited edition run's of radio station promotion's the junk shop's and vinyl graveyard's in the states, the infamous rare soul dealer simon soussan signed up kenny for a 300 dollar fee with the promise of royalties from all official release's of the single 'lord, what's happening to your people', take a close look, the top photo is my copy, kenny's name appear's on the label as 'kenni' and that, is one of the reasons that the soul singer's never received the royalties they deserved, bootlegged copies feeding the need of the soul fan's, [myself included], what's a strange twist is that my copy is more collectable than the later bootlegged copy, what the fuck? never the less, check this out for a truly soulful experience.......


  1. Oh Magoo, you've done it again !!! Thanks for the dose Lovey, perfect soul food for a pre ride psyche up, bewdiful !!!!

  2. whitey, thank's for the love, you are the best blog on the intertwatwebthing mate, essential reading, anyone who check's my drivel out, do yourselves a favour and see how it should be done, check out