another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 12 May 2012

boxer racer project

pipes, chillum, bong, hookah, kiseru, sebsi, calumet, fill my bowl with a good shag, light, suck, cough, choke, i don't smoke but pipes are important to me, i spunked a couple of hundred on a pair of beautiful carbon oval can's, on a whim, after a drunken night surfing the 'bay, nevermind, put them into stock, they'll come into use one day, everything does eventually, thank's whitey, chris, med's and jan, [via e-mail], shorty reverse cones are the way to go, i knew it really, the only choice, [had some commando pea-shooter's on my beemer cafe racer and they worked great, but, well, the megga's do it for me, and you too apparently] the megga's were from the local triumph dealer, a steal at seventy quid a pair, the adaptor collet's are f'ugly so dangerous turned up a couple of adapters out of ally, need to make up a couple of blanking pieces and get them welded into the downpipes to replace the cut-out balance pipe, rub the dirty chrome finish off the megga's, spray them matt black, possibly some exhaust wrap to hide the 32 year old pock-marked, salt stained and scarred downpipes and improve performance by lagging the primary pipe to promote a better inlet charge, internet, dangerous, makes me sound like i know what i'm on about............


  1. We all knew you just needed some intellectual reinforcement old bean, looks the complete bomb megga'd up !!! Why do aftermarket mobs continue to include those ugly fucking collet jiggers and their ilk, surely ally ones wouldn't be cost prohibitive, yuk !!!

  2. matt black megga's and exhaust wrap?? the only way to go!!!!