another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 21 April 2012

boxer racer project

six hour's work into this, from the original 'roughing-out' on the pillar drill to the stage you see it in now, it's still not finished in my eyes, need's some finishing with a riffler and wet and dry, you know what? i've had time to think about this build today, i was in the shed at 0645hrs, the faithful dog gang on 'their' chair, mug of tea and radio six, yeah, i was gutted to not make last weekend's race meeting, i was so wrapped up in my own preciousness that i didn't consider the fact that my friend was going through a whole load of shit, he's not a well bloke, i didn't find out until i gave it the big one demanding my engine, i feel like a right tosser now, bike's matter to me big time, there a massive part of my life , i'm getting on and every week count's, i want to get as much time out there as possible, but, friendship is more important, does it really matter if i don't make a race meeting if someone who i care about is not well? nah, does it fuck...............

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  1. You live and learn, I guess everyone needs a reality check now and then.