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Saturday, 21 April 2012

loveless vinyl vault [aka skeletons in the cupboard]

      where do you start with the story of  joseph arrington jnr, or, joe tex, born and raised in texas, shared a label with a certain 'mr james brown, the hardest working man in show business', they were deadly rival's, james accusing joe of copying his style and dance moves, joe famously mocking 'the godfather's' famous 'cape' routine' with the classic line 'please, please, please, get me outta this cape', it got a little more 'complicated' when james started dating joe's wife bea, the whole episode peaked with james firing a gun at joe in a nightclub!, fucking hell, that's serious shit, anyway, here's joe and two minutes of brilliance, if it doesn't get you when he sing's 'sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me' around the one minute thirty mark you ain't got no soul boy..............

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  1. Ah Lovey, amazing how a little bit of previously unknown or unconsidered background info can bring out the best in empathy and by doing so elevate a friendship into a different league . . . agree wholeheartedly mate, I ain't no hard guy, nicely put, well considered mate, you're true blue. Such a shame the Big Ol Joe will generally be remembered for the 'Bump no more' ditty when, as you so brilliantly encapsulated it, he was sooooo much more and had a rich, deep history way before the daft, management inspired disco cash in . . . feel good about yourself Lovey, takes a real man to reassess emotive stands and come up with the right answers. 'Ave a good weekend mate, XX