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Friday, 20 April 2012

the loveless vinyl vault, [aka skeletons in the cupboard]

a northern soul classic, i love this record, so many memories of wasted night's and wasted days, this is the original friday night record, kicking off the night with a couple of pints in the old bell in saddlergate, into cleo's about elevenish, kicked out at one am, walk down to the station picking up a pancake roll on the way, freezing on derby railway station waiting for the train to sheffield for the all nighter at 'samanthas', the oldies room packed with gum chewing, amphetamine fueled bald blokes, real dangerous, the main room dancing and sparking to sound's like this, i never knew this but the record was recorded by five members of the philadelphia eagles football team, the m.v.p's being 'the most valuable player's', the team used to take to the pitch to this stirring anthem, the original all night underground sound, northern soul...........

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  1. How strange, I was playing this very same 7" earlier this evening whilst folding the laundry !! Great tune....I also played :- Tony Clarke "Landslide", Rex Garvin "Sock it too 'em JB", Brother 2 Brother "The Bottle", Johnny Johnson "Walls of heartbreak..."
    A good evening dose of quality talc though, too dangerous whilst doing your washing chores !!