another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 20 April 2012

boxer racer project

rear hub for the boxer race project, i underestimated the amount of work on this, going to ball mill a load of weight off the cooling fins too, the one thing about the german's is that everything is massively over-engineered so numpty's like me and dangerous can smash the shit out of the stock part's without the fear of failure...........

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  1. Yee Ha !!! Looking magnificent mate, as you said, no fear of going too far with something that was originally designed to go on a tank, never do things by haves do our Teutonic cousins. Man, The M.V.P's . . . never heard the song before let alone the band name, I knew what the term meant in 'Yankeespeak' but as for anything beyond that, nada . . . I just know I could quite easily have become a soul boy if I was living in your neck of the woods !!! Love your passion and your history Lovey, thanks for making my day and gettin me over the post Levon blues, have a cracking weekend, my guestimate on the weight is now definitely sub 3, I'll go for 2.75 kg . . . hurry up you silly old Soul boy. XX