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Sunday, 22 April 2012

lone wolf and cub

where do i start with this? as you may have noticed if you are a long time reader of the loveless blog, i'm fascinated with everything about the japanese culture, a lot of eminent scholar's have written thousand of word's on the subject, me? i'm a simple derbyshire lad, but, for many, many years i have studied and admired the philosophy, i trained in karate, achieving two shodan in two different style's, i studied bushido, absorbing as many books as i could get hold of, training with other clubs in different styles much to the chagrin of my sensei, i just craved knowledge, i put myself into competition with other karateka, i learnt a lot about myself, often with bloody consequences, one of the stories i found compelling was the story of lone wolf and cub, a ronin samurai assasin and his toddler son and their adventures in the edo-period of japan, me? 'ashigaru' i can only look on and admire true 'bushi'

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