another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 22 April 2012

boxer racer project

it's like an itch that you can't scratch, i thought it was done yesterday, but, back in the shed today and the rear hub was crying out for another one hundred and twenty cut's on the miller, this is one of my favourite parts on the boxer project, no money involved, [well ok, but a minimal amount if you are mrs b and reading the post, it was a bargain baby, i promise.....] i'm really, really chuffed with this, dangerous reckons it looks like a factory part off an mv racer, fuck me, it's just a bit of old tat off an old beemer, cleaned up a tad........


  1. looks good loveless, keep at it!!!!

  2. Can I play 'devil's advocate' Lovey . . . please, huh, huh ?? Fuck it, I will anyway . . . my thought is this, now you've gone completely over the top, which is perfectly in keeping with Teutonic theme, I reckon you need to slightly radius the 'corners' of the cuts where they bisect the outer radius of the hub's fins to bring them in line with the aesthetics of the rest of the hub,[there are no hard edges existing already] a smart, anally retentive man might even chamfer the entire edge of the cuts to soften the look and reduce any chance of hairline fractures appearing under the incredible g-forces exerted under light speed race conditions . . . then again, a very cluey, doggedly determined Derbyshire lad might just say 'fuck of youth' and be done with it . . . XXXX