another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 30 March 2012

whitelinepsycho, the best blog on the whole interweb, old whitey is the real deal, he's played with some of the biggest names in rock, his blog is honest, informative and laugh -out-loud fucking funny, me and old whitey have it going on, we are from different part's of the globe, he's in sunny oz, able to ride his sporty all year 'round and looking at the 'ladies' profiling along the beach-front, me?, well, i'm from 'sunny' derbyshire, the ladies are wearing lot's of clothes to protect them from the frost, [apart from that 'freak' day in february when the temperatures hit 12 degree's, we have melanoma warning's, dog's shouldn't be left in car's and a fucking hosepipe ban] he had the pleasure of playing with debbie harry, [ooh 'er matron], i'd almost dismissed blondie as pop pretender's until i re-visited this, two minutes of pop-punk genius, from a time when you had to queue up to use a telephone, not get it out of your pocket and collect 'orange wednesday' voucher's, old, bitter, bastard?, me?,,,,,,,,,

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