another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 30 March 2012

 'classic racer' is my favourite magazine, i've got every copy, all stored in chronological order, [like you knew it would be], they live in a massive storage unit in our bedroom along with all my treasured books, some of my vinyl collection and lot's of my other treasured item's that the kid's will chuck in a skip when i shuffle off this mortal coil, i read the print off the back issues, one of the stories i keep returning too is the one about the czech 'ceska zbrojovka' or czech arnaments 500cc v4 racer that was campaigned between 1969 and 1972 [eat your heart out honda], the type 860 was a masterpiece of engineering and despite the lack of good quality materials and components, they managed to compete against the japanese and italian factories, it's a story about the under-dog taking on the big boy's......[the 'shiny bike' pictures are, i think a replica, sorry, i don't speak czechosolovakian and i cribbed them off a czech classic racing site, the bike with the 'patina' is deffo an original type 860 racer that escaped from behind the iron curtain and ended up in a collection in britain, i saw this bike at 'the festival of a 1000 bikes a couple of year's ago......]

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