another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 3 March 2012

i've been fascinated with the honda 250/6 since i borrowed a stanley schofield long player off a mates brother in the early '70's, the 1967 diamond jubilee, mike hailwood, 'arriving in a hurry at the sulby crossroad's', holy shit, what a sound, the recent visit to stoneleigh for the race retro show and seeing one of the george beale replica's sparked me off again, at the show was a whole batch of 'replica's', based on the cb250rr, mini-fireblade engines of the early '90's, i love baiting the owner's, 'didn't know they were watercooled' etc, the 250rr's are a watercooled. four cylinder engine and as far removed from the original 'six' as my evo sportster is from jay springsteen's xr flat-track racer, a nod perhap's in the general direction, but, for fuck's sake, i heard you, trying to pass your bikes off as a 'real' racer, even steve parish got sucked in and posed for a photo with your bike, admit it, it's not real. it's a fucking fake, and just remember, i kicked your arse at the 'festival' on an mz, two-strokes rule baby........


  1. Lovey . . . I actually had to to take some time off to get my melon around the depth of info spewing forth from your guilded fingertips on this particular day . . . you're twisting my melon man, you're twisting my melon man . . . . the Honda bits are just stunning, as was the bike itself, NSR 250 . . fuck off son !! The Crass were something I've only begun to fully appreciate in more recent times, maybe if Mrs Thatcher had been our P.M things may have been different for me, I thought at the time they were having half a bob each way, hippy/punk/anarchist halfwits . . . . wrong !!!! It's only over the last fifteen to twenty years I've realised how on the money they were . . . what a fucking pillock !!! Great post mate, things at work seem like they're still giving you a jab in the side me old salt, te he he !!! Love ya work mate and your heart, Whitey.

  2. The only 'replica' Honda six racer I ever saw and heard was one a madman on this side of the pond built from a CBX-6. With six open megas...they let him go through the gears in the parking lot once (this was at Squaw Valley, California) a few years back at a Japanese swap and show. Can't remember his name. Awesome sound.