another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 3 March 2012


  1. do keep dragging some gems out the Bailey Vinyl Vaults. For some reason in my mis-guided youth, I sold all my Crass vinyl along with stuff like early Blitz/Partisans/Violators. I'm sure I NEEDED some bolt on go faster goodie for my Vespa at the time, so the records went. I do remember the great fold out poster/sleeves for Crass though, I had the Feeding of the 5000 on my bedroom wall, I'm sure all their literature educated me & open my eyes to new ideas too. Of that period, I did keep all my Subhumans stuff though....(had the logo painted on my leather with Lady Esquire shoe dye "lifted" from Woollies !!) I must climb in the loft & liberate the LP's sometime !!

  2. Hi man, can you upload scans of this record? I have the vinyl, but miss the cover, so would like to print it for myself. Thanks in advance. 300 dpi scans would be great if possible.