another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 11 February 2012

sportster's, entry level harley davidson's, for people who can't afford to buy a 'big-twin', why would you want to buy a girl's bike?


  1. . . 'ere, wot d'ya mean, apart from they handle almost like a motorycle, they're compact, great power to absence of weight ratio, every man and his dog's got a big twin, they're well priced, you can do shit loads to the performance capabilites, they look bloody handsome . . . apart from that, exactly as you state, you sarky old bugger. What've the Romans ever done for us . . . . ??? Right, well apart from . . . . . speaking of which, who's that lurker in fine repose leaning against the very model of which we discuss ?? Looks a 'loveless' kind of coot . . .

  2. aaahh, whitey, look's like we got us a bite, i love sportsters, to me they are the essence of motorcycling, loud, brash and crude,for me the only alternative bike available, buy one, [as i know you have done], cut it up, tune it and enjoy, then cut the fucker up and do it all over again, like i said, i love sporty's, most people just don't get it, my peer group all ride the big twin's, me?, i'm happy riding a girl's bike, sportster's rule....

    1. You daft bugger Lovey, was taking the piss a la Python and the 'what have the Romans ever done for us scene' !! On the same wavelength as usual mate !!! To more recent items, struth mate, I would fall over if I saw your vinyl collection, talk about treasured memories, unreal man !!! Without getting all Gary Glitter on you, your ink is a legit work of ongoing art, immaculate and such a testament to traditional Japanese style. The short from the flick looks bloody terrific, I guess that life can be pretty 'hard' and bleak in your part of the pasture when dealing with lives of crew as depicted by the eminently talented Mr Considine et al, will eagery seek out the entire fillum. #13 appears to be sneaking towards completion boyo, looking good you multi talented bastard !!!