another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 12 November 2011

ok, i admit it, i'm easily distracted, alway's got into trouble at school as a kid for it, same when i got to tech when i was an apprentice, [spent most of the lesson standing outside facing the wall because i was disruptive] should have seen their faces when i got the 'apprentice of the year award', same thing happened today, i was quite happy hacksawing and filing the excess flab from the beemer frame when i glanced across the shed and saw the spoked wheels i scored off barse, the rear is ok, the spokes are a little pitted and the rim needs some therapy to clean up the tyre iron marks, the front was sprayed matt black when barse ran it on his cut-down road bike, shame it's a 19 inch rim [i want to run 18's front and rear, good choice of tyres], i pick up the front wheel and mr hacksaw makes short work of the spokes, nitromors and a quick rub with some scotchbrite and and and and and and and, did i tell you i was easily distracted?

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