another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 18 June 2011

post track day meeting in the loveless shed today, dangerous reckons we should sell the 'zed and get something with more horsepower, i want to stick with the mz and develop it further, get a mikuni carb and decent exhaust system, fairing and get more weight off the bike, i like being the underdog and sticking it up them, punk rock two stroke versus japanese four stroke, trouble is, i won't be eligible for the mz race series with those mod's, what to do? cost's a fortune to race with bemsee, trackday's are a third of the price of racing so that's three times as much time on track as a race meeting, like to get the bike approved for crmc event's but can't see that happening, seem's strange that you can run a manx norton that was made in alfreton at summerfield engineering on a cnc machine, a replica frame from new zealand and 17's with modern rubber, belt drive primary, modern electronic ignition, [hidden in a 'magneto' casing] or a 'hailwood replica' basically a 'baby' fireblade water-cooled four cylinder engine in a replica frame with just a period correct paint-job but when i enquired about racing with the vmcrc i was slagged off for having jap wheel's and italian brake's, what's a matter? afraid i might just upset your apple cart?

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