another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 18 June 2011

 couple more photo's from the morini owner's track day at cadwell, the triton was stunning, probably the best one i have ever seen, the lad's with the velo's were great crack, i changed out of my leathers for the dinner break and wandered around to have a look at the bikes and get some pic's, i snapped a couple of photo's and one of them said, 'don't do that mate, he won't get his helmet on now', game on, i dropped it, 'i'm just gathering evidence', 'come again son?', 'i reckon you lot are a disgrace, thrashing these motorcycles around a racetrack when you should be polishing them and showing them', 'you can fuck off you wanker, that's what they are for!', i made with the reeling- them-in-fishing-rod-mime-thing and they got it straight away, 'you got me going there son, thought you were serious', we are meeting up at festival of a thousand bike's, proper.

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